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The Help Jesus Doesn’t Need

Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. John 6:29 

Somebody tell me why? I’ve been noticing a sharp turn in the Church in recent years. Simply put, many leaders are reverting back into law. The sad part is, I don’t think they realize it, and most of all I believe that they think they are doing a service to God. Does my prayer become any more powerful if I use any one of His Old Covenant names? Or Is the Lord somehow pleased or gratified when I use any one of His Hebrew titles? Should I expect any special blessings by addressing Him in this way?

Many who shout ‘in the name of Jesus’ when they pray, and once were satisfied with that, now have opted for new phrases, chants, concoctions, libations, and rituals. They have now turned to using shawls of every kind and color. They are coming up with new ways to get prayers answered, to get bodies healed, to receive deliverance from all sorts of things, and even for financial breakthroughs. Folk in the Church are working hard to obtain God’s favor, deal with sin in their lives, get themselves sanctified, get have power from God, and so much more. Here are just some of the things I have witnessed over the course of several years:

Drinking a mixture that is supposed to protect people from harm

Prayer over articles of clothing and giving them back to the owner

Prayier over bottles of oil and giving the bottle back to the owner

Rubbing sweat from the forehead on someone for healing or anointing

Rubbing oil on people’s dollar bills and giving it back to them for increase

Blowing on people while praying for them

Covering someone with a shawl or garment while praying for them

Waving swords or knives or any other accouterments to break curses (yes, I’ve seen this)

Most of these things are done in conjunction with the name of Jesus, which to those who promote these things, lend validity to them. After all, if any particular practice is done in the name of Jesus, that makes it ok, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The name of Jesus needs no help. Whatever did  happen to simply saying, ‘In the name of Jesus?’ His name alone, spoken in faith is powerful enough to do whatever needs to be done. Does leadership and others need to ‘make things up’ as they go along, and try and fit Jesus into their every ‘spiritual whim’? And I know that those who do these things do not believe they are making anything up. But I say make things up because surely we are not to believe that God would approve or sanction any of the above and many other strange things, that have no scriptural foundation do we? What many fail to understand is that the Holy Spirit cannot and will not be a party to error. He will not sanction the flesh. He does not go outside the parameters of scripture to fulfill our thoughts, dreams or visions that are believed to emanate from Him. The Spirit glorifies and testifies of Jesus. He will not promote silly things that are done in the ‘heat’ of the moment.

In today’s church, the flesh is constantly being mistaken for the Spirit. When individuals have a different understanding of what constitutes a move of the Spirit, this is what happens. Folk think that what they are doing is coming from Him; but fail to consider that the Spirit does not operate outside the boundaries of scripture. Some believe that loud music and fast music, along with dancing and shouting to that music, all constitute a move of the Spirit. Thankfully, the Holy Ghost cannot be ‘coaxed’ into moving due to the tempo or loudness of any music being played. What is going on?

The victory Jesus won at the Cross cannot be added to. When He spoke the words, ‘It is finished’, that’s exactly what He meant. Yet, many in the church are ever seeking and coming up with new ways to gain victory and be sanctified or maintain such. Let’s come back to the Cross, and give up trying to find ways to improve upon Jesus’ finished work. The Cross stands alone as our only means of victory. Just the Cross.

That’s the Word! Take it with you. God bless you.

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